Another Loss

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well. Today I am not doing so good. My dear daughter had a miscarriage with my second grandchild. I really feel this loss, as I was looking forward to my family growing and my heart breaks sooo much for my daughter and what she went through. I wrote a poem to help me deal with this, Thanks for visiting my blog today,
Take Care,

On June 26th, I received a some news,
that made my heart grow more then I knew.
My daughter and son in law are happy to
announce, they will be having my second
grandchild in March 2010 they pronounced.

In the week or two that have gone by, many a image
have crossed my mind, Your mother and
father smiling as you entered the world. Your
sweet sister having you in her arms to hold.

Today my baby girl who is so grown and I
am so proud of, called me with words I
could not hear through the fog. She told
me you were no longer to be. I said what
do you mean?? Although I knew, I could
not handle that I was not there with you and her.
She was so brave, she woke and knew
what she had to do, she did not call me to
help, only to tell me after what she went through.

So my dear grandchild I never met, I know
you are an Angel above to help. May you
rest in the arms of your great grandmothers,
who loved you although in life you never met.
Someday we will meet, and I will feel that love
that grew in my heart so sweet.


  1. oh JANET, i am so sorry to hear about your loss. =( this is indeed a very sad day for your family. rest assured that you are all in my prayers. GOD BLESS!

    a big hug for you,


  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the baby. My thoughts are w/ you and your family.

  3. Oh, feels sad tear. I was sorry very much hears this unfortunate news. Hoped that the kid can in the heaven be joyful.

  4. Very very sad...so sorry for your loss... :(

  5. Very very sad day you had, so sorry to hear about it... :(

  6. Dear Janet ~ I am so sorry.


  7. Sorry to hear about the loss; my condolences.

  8. I'm so sorry for the loss. Many blessings to all of you.

  9. my sympathy goes out to you and your family for the loss. last year my daughter suffered 2 miscarriages in a very short time. it was very traumatic for us all, but we knew that it just wasn't meant to be. my daughter is pregnant again, and has passed that crucial stage. the doctor says everything is going well and next week she will be having an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. this will be my first grandbaby.

  10. Janet Honey,

    I am so very sorry!! And you know why this is the first chance I have had to come here, but to find this out truly breaks my heart!!

    My thoughts are with you and Christa, and I am sending you (((Big HUGS))) from Ohio.

    Love you and miss you,