A Poem For All Of Our Moms, and Dads


Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well, I am doing good. Through the past few years.
I have come across so many friends that have lost their parents. I know their
pain as I have experienced it myself. Today was sad for me and Pete, we had
a yard sale with most of his mother's belongings. When they did not sell at
the end of the day, we decided that we just could not keep them all. As we
put some of them all in a barrel to be dropped off at the dump and goodwill
our hearts were breaking, because it was like we were throwing her away in
some strange way. Even though we know she would have understood.
So tonight I wrote this poem in memory of her and my parents and
for all of my friends parents.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care
Janet :)

As I sit out on my deck,
The clouds make my hair
wet. Although I continue
to look above to the skies,
the rain does not keep me
from looking for your smiles

As the clouds weave
in and out of the stars,
I think you are so far,
yet in my heart you
will never leave.

You were both my first
loves, I wish I knew this
when I was young.
Until I grew and became
the same as you,
I did not realize, how
much parents influence
our lives.

Yet for all you gave
us, It was not in vain
I will pass on your
traditions, to all my
Every time we laugh
or smile, you will be
with us all the while.


  1. Janet,
    You have to know that I am crying over here, right? This poem touched me so very much.

    And also the post about the yard sale...
    I am sorry things didn't go well, and I would have felt the same...I still haven't gotten to the point of being able to do a yard sale with their things??

    My heart reaches out to you honey...
    Love and hugs,

  2. I feel great empathy whilst reading this poem. It's a wonderful piece of writing!

  3. what a lovely poem, JANET. you and Kat have so many times reminded me through your posts how i should nurture the little time i have left with my parents. i cannot really imagine life without any of them and i have weathered all storms in my life because of their comforting presence, unconditional love and support. indeed, they are the biggest influence in our lives.

    i can feel your pain. i know how much it hurts to dispose of the things of a loved one who has passed away. James' clothes are still kept hidden in his luggage. someday i will find the courage and strength to give them away too.

    much love and blessings to you,