I Can See Clearly

Hi Everyone, Happy Music Monday! Knowing this week we turn the clocks ahead and we are heading into spring, I am really feeling this song today! I can't wait to get outside for my walks again and possibly some running, now that I have been able to give up the cigarettes! Most of all it's going to be a bright, sun shiny, spring and summer in so many ways, for so many reasons!
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

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  1. An evergreen. Awesome pick for Music Monday :)

    Happy MM and here's wishing that you have a bright and sunshiny week :)

    Namz recent post Time To Burn

  2. you got a good picked! It's really an uplifting song :) happy MM!

  3. That is an awesome song! I'm so jealous that you've given up the cancer sticks. I've been trying. I was down to a pack a week for a while, now I'm back up to a pack every two days. *sigh* But, I'll keep trying!

  4. i started to use this for my mm...lol

    great minds think alike, eh?

  5. This song is one of my favorites too...and it always reminds me of Cool Running. A great music and a great film.

  6. Thanks everyone, It is a classic that I think everyone loves. Hang in there raven you will quit when your ready :) Yes Mystery man great minds do think alike! I loved cool runnings Cat, great movie. Same to you Namz

  7. oh oh.. now i cant get this song out of my head...heheh.. happy MM Janet!