Science Proving Life After Death?

Hello, Happy Monday (I guess!) My brother had called me last week to tell me about this series, Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel. I had seen previews for it, but his call got me to watch it. I'm so glad I did. It is a really fascinating series. In the video below you will hear from, (I believe his name is Dr Alexander?) and he taught and performed Neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School for 15 years. In 2008 he slipped into a coma for seven days, trapped inside his virtually brain dead body. A person in a coma often wakes with no memory of anything, no dreams, nothing, remember that as you watch his story. I included both the long and short version so you can choose how much you want to watch of his story. I personally believe the soul of a person lives on. I was convinced of it as well when I went to see a medium last year. My Father who had passed away 23 yrs before came through, he said things to me through the medium, that she could not have known about us personally. It left my husband and his friend, who are pretty much atheist's, believers too. She explained that the Soul or Spirit, when it leaves our physical body, simply moves on to another place or level, and they are often around us. Most of us simply are not in "tune" with their presence. She said she "tunes in" to the spirits and describes it as if she was tuning into a radio station, it's fuzzy at first, but then it becomes clearer and clearer. It is a gift I believe that some people are lucky to have. This program suggests that Science is on the edge of proving Life After Death. Wouldn't that be incredible if they do. So if you watch, let me know, what do you believe?? I'd love to know :)
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  1. Interesting!
    There is a lot to learn about life and death that is not yet discovered.

    One thing is for sure, whatever we believe the World benefits when we remember that love and compassion are very important aspects of life.

  2. I learned & believe that there's no death as we were taught to believe it is. Our physical body dies, but not our spirit or true Self.

  3. Thank you Coralie, I agree with you 100 percent, I think we need love and compassion more than ever in these tough times for so many people :)

  4. Thank you Marcus, we think just alike :)