A Laugh Or Two

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday! I have started watching or (DVR-ing I should say, I can't stay up that late anymore!) Jimmy Fallon's late night show and I'm still trying to decide if I really like the show. Some of the skits are funny and some, not so much, but I really like him so I'll keep watching to see if it grows on me! I liked this ecard skit, I think you might too. And as I end this post I should cover myself by saying that Arnolds love child is really not crappy, it just fits in with the joke! I wouldn't want to get in trouble like that Boston blog that posted something about another celebrity's kid, (Tom Brady). I did check out that blog, out of curiosity, and all in all it is disgusting. I hate that he is getting all this attention even if it is bad attention! But such is life. Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy a laugh or two.
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Janet :)

Arnold was seen wearing this T-Shirt "I survived Maria"

So Judy Bloom said the Maid should get this T-Shirt
and wear it around!

Really Arnold!

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