Never A Friend

Hello Everyone, I hope your doing well, I wrote this poem for someone I once thought was a friend, who turned out to be so far from that. I'm sure you have all had that person in your life.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


I sit and reflect
while slowly time
goes past
thoughts of what was
a friendship
burned up and turned to

Pain and loss are
common words
Describe very little
of the hurt
I had such hopes
that you were true
Would forgive
my defects,
my imperfects
Would have a
When I was in
the dark

How wrong was I, how
delusioned my mind
Friend became almighty judge
as such cruel words
flew off your tounge

Your self showed
it's truth,
Your better
than all others
around you
A way to survive
the reality of your
Good luck with that
Remember Karma will
return your words
and thoughts

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