Comfortable Transformations

Hello, Have you ever suddenly noticed a transformation within yourself? Then you, like me, must of been following these steps without realizing it. I know I have undergone some personal changes during the past 18 months, which I can honestly say have led to overall wellness. I think the key is getting comfortable with ourselves, which is a big step in itself, and then all potential is possible. If you are looking to make changes within yourself, or in your life, then take in these simple words of wisdom, and watch the transformations unfold.
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Janet :)


Wellness isn’t about deprivation
and it’s not about perfection,
It is about pointing yourself
in the direction of growth,
Training yourself to get comfortable
with your highest potential, and then
taking small steps to support that shift
It’s about showing up for yourself,
day by day, and then one day finding
that you’ve undergone a transformation....

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