A Soul Mate Redefined

Hello, I think Elizabeth Gilbert's defintion of a soul mate is perfectly redefined. Sometimes what we think we need in another person to complete us, and what we truly need are two different things. Consider yourself lucky if you do get a soul mate in life that you truly need. I know now that I was lucky enough to get a true soul mate who did all of these things for me and then some.
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Janet :)



  1. I have known soul mates, twin flames, and soul friends. I love that the connection could be something as simple as 'thinking' about the other person. A childhood friend, a family member, or even online only support friends. I believe there is so much more that will be explained later to all of us!

  2. Good perspective Kim, I agree that there is so much more to it that we will never know on our level of consciousness. Thanks for the comment :)