Observations And What Not Of 2011

Hello, Happy New Year! As this year washes away, I thought I would reflect on some it's highlights, and while I'm at it, poke some fun at them too! I can't help it, it's just too good of an opportunity to pass up.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


What surprised me about the Divorce is
that it took 72 days to happen, and he
wasn't the one who filed first!! This
guy IMO, was obviously whipped, I think
eventually he would have snapped out of
it and ran far, far away from her and her
family, if they are the way they are on TV
imagine how worse they must be when the
Camera's are off, it's got to be to
overbearing for anyone!
But then again "nothing compares" to the
length of Sinead's wedded bliss in 2011!

The more I saw of Newt's wife in 2011
the more I was convinced that she is one
of those new Japanese Robots that are
Human like. Between her facial expressions
and her hair that never moves, I mean really
who has hair that never moves? Robot's do
that's who LOL!

Herman Cain aka The Pizza Pervert, We saw
your true Dog shining through, so it was
Bye, Bye for you!

Justice? Some
For Caylee None!

Indeed Hell On Earth!
Hell Well Deserved!

The poor Red Sox's crashed and burned
PhotobucketPhotobucket Finally for the Bruins, after 39 years, A Stanley Cup earned

Gig Up Whitey, now you have to sit
in a cell down the street from me
in a Diapie, Boo Fricken Hoo for you!

In 2011 LMFAO's Party Anthem was way
overplayed, Happy I would be, if in
2012 this talentless group would just
go away!

True Greats We Lost


  1. It is funny, my daughters really like the one song by LMFAO. When I first heard it I didn't like it but when my girls have fun listening and dancing to it, it kind of grew on me. I didn't know who sang it tho until the Rockin New Year's Eve with Dick Clark when I saw them perform. I have to say, the rest of their music is horrifying!!

  2. Thanks Dawn, I would have to agree with you the song your talking about wasn't so bad, it's just they overplayed it so much it got on my nerves LOL! And I think their look and other music is just tacky!! I kinda feel bad picking on them or anyone else, but it was all just in good fun :)