Welcome Home Troops

Hello, I hope your all doing well and enjoyed your Holiday. I enjoyed mine and I'll share some pictures soon. Today I wanted to share this Video I made to say Welcome Home to the troops that fought so bravely over the past 9 years for peace and freedom in Iraq. No matter what our views are on the war, they don't really matter now, because what's done is done. The Iraqi people still have many challenges ahead of them, but you cannot deny that they are in a better place today, especially the Women and Children, thanks to all of the soldiers. So Welcome Home troops, job well done IMO, Thank you for serving our Country. Hopefully this coming year, more countries will be on board the "Peace Train" as well!
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


  1. i amaze in your blog thank for encouraging me to improve my blog keep it up godbless

  2. Absolutely your thoughts are very true for those who have seen the devastations for so long. They are not finally now at peace no matter what the damage caused to them becasue of the war. Peace be everywhere throughout the world in 2012 - thats my prayer as well.

  3. Thank you both very much Elvirah and Philip :)