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Hello, In Buddhism, the state of being in flow is sometimes referred to as nirvana. After reading some articles on living in the flow today, I can understand why the Buddhist refer to it as that. I have lived most of my life with this type of mindset, accepting things as they come, what is, is, but lately not so much. I have been running out of patience with accepting what is, is. I have worked hard to fix the things I should. It's been like taking two steps forward and then two steps back again. Reading about this practice today was a good reminder that I need to get back to that old mindset, Learn to "go with flow" so to speak, practice living in the flow, and maybe It will surprise me with unexpected results.
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Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony. When we are in flow, occurrences line up, events fall into place, and obstacles melt away. Rather than life being a meaningless struggle, it is permeated with a deep sense of purposefulness and order. Flow has tremendous power to transform our lives, for it is dynamic and moves us unerringly toward joy and aliveness

Most of us have had experiences of being in flow. In those times, we know we’re in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. We feel both exhilarated and at peace, somehow connected to something larger and greater than ourselves. Life is rich with meaning, magic and purpose. We feel vital, alive, joyful. But for most of us, it doesn’t happen often enough or for long enough. We feel glimmerings of flow, and then they fade away.

This doesn’t have to be the case: If we choose to make flow a way of life, the rule rather than the exception, we can do it through synchronicity -- those meaningful coincidences in which outside events, seemingly disconnected in time and space, link up with our internal states and connect us with the greater whole.

When synchronicity happens, be aware of it and follow the direction it seems to indicate — and then watch synchronicity happen more and more. By using synchronicity for guidance, confirmation, and validation, our lives can become a dance of energy with the Universe, a give-and-take with our environment that fills our days with insight and zest.

This way of life requires paying attention to meaningful coincidence. Develop a strong respect for signs from the Universe, both subtle and unmistakable. By paying attention to these signs, we can reach new levels of comprehension about our life and our connection to the world.

"Synchronicity is lyrical—a little sprite of a surprise, a little gift," "It can get so big that everything can start to talk to you; everything can suggest things. When you enter that dimension, synchronicity becomes part of your self-definition."

Think of the times synchronicity has happened in your life. It might be when you thought of someone and the phone rang with that person on the other end. Maybe you ran across someone from home in a faraway place when you were feeling lonely, or the same number repeated itself at significant times, or unlikely events dramatically converged to save you in a tight spot

When you experience flow on a daily basis, synchronicities such as these are as natural to you as breathing. Although by its very nature, synchronicity cannot be created, controlled, or planned, when you live a life of flow, you can practically depend on synchronicity to show up.

Notice the words: it’s when you experience flow — not if. That’s because the power of flow is absolutely attainable. To experience it requires first of all that you choose to undertake that process. Then you must develop the necessary skills, much as you do when you learn to ride a bike: it takes focus to learn the basics and practice to make it second nature, but once you know how to do it, you enjoy ease and smoothness and elation. Flow is a lifelong process that is rich with rewards all along the way.

Flow responds directly to our beliefs, behaviors, and actions. We can either enhance this state of perfect timing and flawless serendipity, or we can diminish it and even cut it off. When we become open, willing, trusting, we experience flow as fulfillment and joy, and synchronicities pop up all over the place. When we become fearful, doubting, controlling, flow diminishes, our day is filled with blocks and frustrations, and synchronicities cease.

Nine attributes to engage in the flow:

Commitment – Living by our deepest values
Honesty – Telling the truth to ourselves and others
Courage – Overcoming our fears
Passion—Engaging at deep levels with what we care about
Immediacy – Being in the moment
Openness – Saying Yes to whatever comes our way
Receptivity – Listening to inner and outer messages
Positivity – Finding the value in each situation
Trust – Having faith in ourselves and the Universe

The journey will transform your life. With synchronicity as your compass, flow is your inevitable destination.


  1. Sometimes it feels like a test of endurance. My sweetie is teaching me "go with the flow" and it has made it so much easier to think those words of positivity that have always helped me . . . "this too shall pass" . . .

    Hugs of encouragement :)


  2. Thank you so much Gina, I need to remember those words, this too shall pass! I'm glad your sweetie is helping you to go with the flow too, it is a great way to go through life, thanks most of all for the hugs of encouragement!

  3. Dear Dolly, It has been my faith that has gotten me through the trials of life. I do trust in Him to bring me through the times that are difficult. I believe that He will not give me more than I can bear. This is what gets me through each day. Blessings my friend, Catherine xoxo

  4. Thank you Catherine, I do trust in my higher power too. It's just my trust is starting to feel really tested! I will word hard on keeping the faith though, that all will work out. Thank you for your kind words.