Goodbye 2012

Hello, Well my friends, once again another year has come and gone. I could write about the high and lows of the year, but I thought I would let Jib Jab sing about it instead! Personally I think the best thing that happened to all of us this year is that the Mayan's got it wrong, we did not cease to exist (not that I believed in it anyway!) So bring on 2013, with no doomsday predicted, all in all, it should be a great year lol!
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


  1. Well, that's cute. As the politicians say, never let a good crisis pass you by. They live by that and keep the rest of us on the edge. They are the biggest problem we have.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  2. Happy coming new year! I am thankful that in 2012 I started a blog about my bipolar disorder. Research led me to finally take steps to get treatment. ;P 2012 Also brought good news on some discoveries that may further help in treating mental illnesses with wide ranging benefit! Writing is therapeutic.