Milk And Bread

Hello, I hope your doing well. I am doing good. I'm hunkering down today for the big Blizzard of 2013 that is about to hit the east coast. I hear they are calling it Nemo, why they gave it a name, I'm not sure. Something to do with giving it a personality I read. How a fish named Nemo and a blizzard go together is beyond me! Anyway, I am considered a nonessential state employee, so luckily I got the day off to stay home and stay safe. Most folks around here are staying home as well. If I don't lose my power, I'll post some photos on Sunday of the after effects of this Storm. Thankfully I've got my Bread and Milk too, so no sweat there lol! But all kidding aside, if your in the area, I hope your hunkered down and staying safe! To my friends enjoying better weather, I hope you have a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)

A powerful storm expected to bring driving winds and more than 2 feet of snow to the Northeast, along with the potential for coastal flooding, touched down early Friday morning, canceling thousands of flights in its wake.

Blizzard warnings were in effect from New Jersey through southern Maine, with Boston expected to bear the brunt of the massive storm that could set records. The day began with light snow and winds that were due to pick up with much heavier snowfall by afternoon.

Officials urged residents to stay home, rather than risk getting stuck in deep drifts or whiteout conditions.

Boston and surrounding communities said schools would be closed on Friday, and city and state officials told nonessential city workers to stay home. Businesses were urged to let staff work from home or shorten schedules.

"Accumulation is expected to be swift, heavy and dangerous," Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told reporters. "I am ordering all nonessential state workers to work from home (Friday)

Funny take on some people's reaction
to a big snow storm!


  1. I'm glad your hunkered down and I hope you have power throughout the storm too. It's good that you have the day off.

    Have a terrific day and we'll await the pictures of the storm. Big hugs. :)

  2. I'm glad you're hunkered down too. We were watching the Weather Channel earlier and this morning it looked like Portland was getting hit harder than you guys.

    But, I know that is supposed to change as the day progresses. I hope you fair well and don't lose power. But, when we lived up that way power outages were almost a given with the winds they are forecasting for you guys!

    I hope you don't and that we can all visit with you while it's taking place. Sending prayers and good vibrations that way!

    Big hugs!

  3. Do take care of you Janet. Blizzards are awful, we've had a few these last winters. Take care sweetie.

  4. Well, it turns out that there was a very dark side to Nemo, which was not addressed in the movie. (LOL?) Anyway, I hope you-all are not getting the 2-3 feet of snow that The Weather Channel was calling for yesterday. I'll go see what they are saying about it in a little bit.

  5. Dear Janet, It is so nice to write to you. I am borrowing a computer at the moment. I miss you dear friend. It has been a long journey with many baby steps. This experience does give me strength and greater faith.
    I hope you are doing well. I miss you and am looking forward to being a part of this dear, dear community of faithful and good friends. Stay well my dear, Catherine xoxo