Go Celtics

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. I am excited for the Celtics tonight. I hope they win their first championship in I believe 16 years. I have been watching the Neil Entwistle murder trial. It is very close to home for me. Lily and Rachel are buried right down the street
from me. I live in Kingston Ma, and that is where Rachel grew up. It is weird to hear them talking about my town during a murder trial. I cannot believe anyone is capable of killing another, especially their own wife and baby. After hearing all the testimony so far, it is obvious he was a really sick man. How sad to live with someone you think you know and love and it is not as real as you think it is. I am sure though justice will be served. The evidence is overwhelming I think. I posted this poem in their memory, although I did not know them, I can't help but feel for their tragic story, and thank God they are together forever. I found this also to be good for me right now. Take care everyone, thanks for visiting my blog
Janet :)

Your Mother is always with you. She's the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, she's the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick and perfume that she wore, she's the cool hand on your brow when you're not feeling well, she's your breath in the air on a Cold winter's day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow, she is Christmas morning. Your Mother lives inside your laughter. And she's crystallized in every tear drop. A mother shows every emotion........... Happiness, sadness, fear, jealousy, love, hate, anger, helplessness, excitement, joy, sorrow..... and all the while, hoping and praying you will only know the Good feelings in life. She's the place you came from, your first home, and she's the map you follow with every step you take. She's your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you. Not time, not space.......not even death! made by Tempestt Cole

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  1. hi janet, your writing is so intimate and expressive...and I really love the prose/poem "your mother is always with you"

    When I was driving home tonight, I heard that a Father over here had killed himself and his young sons in a car with exhaust fumes. It is so tragic. He gave them one last treat to visit Snowdonia and then ended his and their lives.

    Stupid man...but I feel sorry that his life must have been so empty, and he so already dead to the world that he would think that he should end it. But not only that - worse - deprive the children of their time in this world.

    Anger possessiveness jealousy and the children used as a weapon to hurt and destroy another life.

    Life is becoming devalued in Britain, in the rush to the cliff edge.

    There is nothing else to do but go forward.