A New America, A New World

I edited this video to play better if it did not play well for you earlier today.
thanks Janet:)

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. Yesterday was the most inspirational day I have ever felt as an american, as a human being. As I watched the day unfold I felt as if the whole world was renewed in spirit. A spirit of hope, a spirit of unconditonal love for eachother. So many walls were brought down that kept us from truly loving our fellow man. I made a video that I feel expresses how we all felt yesterday.
Take Care,


  1. I agree. I am an Australian living in the UK and it brought tears to my eye. One of those great moments in history where you run around punching the air :)

    Here's to the future!


  2. Yes Julieanne, I agree (an old Englishman) The most important and wonderful thing is that the world recognises and something is different. Something is Spiritual

    Janet..you are a star


  3. Oh Janet!

    I just LOVE this video you made! You did a brilliant job! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes....

    I didn't get to see any of the coverage, so this was wonderful. Michelle looks so proud, and I especially liked the cloud at the end!

    Again....words can't describe.....amazing!
    Thank you,

  4. This video moved me to tears. Very well done, Janet!

    I am not an American but I watched the live coverage just to see the man who spelled HOPE not only to America but to the rest of the world... the man who was able to inspire a ceasefire in the Gaza war(temporarily it may be but nevertheless made it possible)... the man who sought to unite and heal America and incidentally united all nations along the way...

    Yes, there is still hope for everyone regardless of race or country. And it all begins with faith.

    Much Love,


  5. It was a glorious day! I love the video :)

  6. I do hope that the president will live up to your expectations. I think there are a lot of obstacles before him....

    Happy Blogging