Forgive Yourself

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Forgive Yourself
We are always so easy to forgive others but not ourselves. Forgiveness is essential to letting go of self hatred and self judgement. When we forgive ourselves, we release deeply held negative feelings and it frees us from the past. You can choose to do this meditation either in a formal meditation by sitting and taking deep breaths or informal by simply saying these phrases to yourself as you go about your day. To start this meditation of self forgiveness think of a situation for which you have not been able to forgive yourself. I know I can think of a few things, as well as all of can because we are our own worst critic. With the same kindness you would extend to a dear friend, repeat this phrase to yourself. "For any hurt I caused myself in this situation, knowingly or unknowingly, I offer myself forgiveness." You can repeat this phrase to yourself as much as you feel you need to. When you feel a gentle wave of kindness wash over you allow yourself to float in this feeling of forgiveness. If feelings of unworthiness come up, breathe gently accept these feelings, and remember the goodness in your wish to forgive yourself. When your done with this meditation, release any guilt you're holding or negative thoughts you have about yourself. Give yourself credit for doing an exercise that may have been difficult for you. Forgiveness can arise from the simple intention to be kinder to yourself, and it can soften the mental pain you may have suffered. I think the most important key in these meditations is to always view yourself and if it was your best friend or a loved one. The more we do that the more we will learn to love ourselves without hesitation. The happier we are with ourselves, the happier we will be with all that is around us.
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  1. Important point. I have recently made a post on Forgiveness and in it I wrote about the important of forgiveness so that we can let go of the negative feelings inside us which can devour us from within. However, I missed one very important point and that is to start forgiving oneself.

  2. To forgive self, first of all to learn how to forgive others.
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  3. Thank you Janet, this will help me everyday. Your posts are very interesting and I enjoy coming here to read them. I really do like listening to the music you have picked.

  4. Forgiveness is missing from everyone outside of a relationship with Jesus. Sadly, it is missing, or at least misunderstood, by many believers. People try to add forgiveness into their equation of value and hard work. "Do they deserve it?"

    Through Christ, the Father has granted us forgiveness that we do not deserve and could never earn.

    great article.