48 Yrs Of Traveling

Hello Everyone, I hope your doing well. I'm doing pretty good :) Today as I turn 48 yrs young, yes young, I refuse to use the awful "old" word, I have been doing a little reflecting, you know, thinking about my whole life so far. I'm sure most of you do that too from time to time. And as I have reflected, I can honestly say, I'm happy with all of it. It has not always been an easy life, but easy doesn't make you grow. The obstacles and challenges have only made me a better person. I'm now at peace with the past and I've learned to stop looking in the rear view mirror, because all that really does is make you crash. I have truly forgiven myself for all the times I've traveled down the wrong road. And oh how those roads seemed to have countless bumps, twists and turns (trust me when I tell you that LOL!) Sometimes those roads also had big red flags and signs that I was somehow blinded to. But for the grace of someone looking out for me up there and an always loving and supportive family, I have been able to pick up the pieces and start over. I have finally dumped a lot of the baggage that I have held onto for way too long, and it feels so good walking around with a lighter load. With all this progress I can now, with a clearer heart and mind, chose the right roads, see the signs. I know my best years are right here, right now and I look forward to what's ahead for me. Hopefully I will have another 48 yrs to keep traveling down this wonderful, beautiful road of life. I made this video with a song that I love. It's a spiritual song about life's journey. I hope it inspires you the way it inspires me.
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  1. Happy Birthday Janettttttttt!!!!!!!! I thought you were my age (33) to be honest, considering your picture. You look great, you must be having great genes :). I wish you a great journey from now on, with lovely experiences. Just keep your magic :). Kisses..

  2. Thank you so much Unikorna, that comment about my age just made you my new blogger BFF LOL! You are the sweetest and you know how to make someone feel good about themselves, Thank you I needed this!
    {{{Hugs to you}}}

  3. Let us know how the party was and maybe share some pics with the occasion :).